About Us
JSC REACTIV is a dynamically developing trading - manufacturing company established in 1947. In 2004 JSC REACTIV became a part of "‘Strategy is Growth Company Alliance". From here on our company has shown steady growth of sales volumes: 20 % in 2005 and 30 % in 2006.

Today JSC REACTIV co-operates with the largest chemical plants of Russia, imports chemicals from Europe and South-East Asia and exports chemicals abroad and in the countries of the former USSR. The wide assortment and the low prices for chemical production are provided with direct contracts with both domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Headquarters of the company JSC REACTIV is situated in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Moreover, the company has a branch in Moscow and two representative offices – in Ekaterinburg and Novosibirsk.

In Saint Petersburg, we have office building and storage facilities with the total area of 20,500 sq.m., which are located in the territory of 18,800 sq.m. The building, storage facilities and land are the property of JSC REACTIV.

JSC REACTIV has own branch line with unloading area for 4 railroad cars and a platform to load and unload trucks. The company has all the necessary facilities for loading and unloading, packing, making sets, storage and delivery of any chemicals.

Basic activity of the company seizes four business areas: chemicals and raw materials for various fields of industry, reagents for R&D, laboratory equipment, manufacturing and packing.
JSC REACTIV operates in the Russian market of paints and coatings, wood industry, pulp and paper industry, tanning and textile industry, food industry and cosmetic industry, electroplating, agriculture and other fields. The company is a distributor of BASF, HEXION, Rhodia, Azot (Pulawy) and some Russian chemical plants.

JSC REACTIV offers chemicals from catalogues of Sigma, Aldrich, Fluka, Riedel de Haen, Supelco, and Acros. These include fine organic and inorganic chemicals for plant research laboratories, indicators, chemical standards, culture media, and filters. JSC REACTIV is a distributor of SIGMA-ALDRICH in Saint Petersburg and the Northwest region of Russia.

JSC REACTIV provides research institutes and plant laboratories with all necessary equipment and glassware for scientific researches and analysis.

JSC REACTIV has got own manufacture of cleansers and disinfectants for milk industry, sets for obtaining drinking water, alkaline and acid electrolytes for accumulators, and some chemical reagents for chemical analysis. The company has got own packing equipment that allows packing any chemicals, including highly toxic chemicals and potentially hazardous chemicals.